Find out how we are able to engrave your name on every embosser, 1 of 1, just for you...

You care for your books. Looking for new recommendations and keeping the best ones for a quiet, rainy day. We understand this, so we carefully craft each order uniquely for your bookshelf:

Each embosser is engraved with your name and your choice of design. We do this using custom etching technology and exceptional materials. A stainless steel handle makes sure your personal seal appears on the page beautifully every time.

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Why Not Emboss Your Books?

You are selective with what you read, and we know that you will only use products guaranteed to work perfectly, every single time. That's why our embossers are made of materials that won't rip, tear, or damage the page. No matter what name and design you choose we will craft it to make a great impression.

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